Ken Loach, Alexei Sayle etc: We stand with Professor David Miller!

Ken Loach: “Universities depend on the freedom within the law to challenge all ideologies and political movements. Professor Miller is renowned and respected for his rigorous analysis and considered judgements. His voice is important.  All are free to challenge his opinions but none should advocate their suppression. Everyone who cherishes free speech should stand with David Miller.”
Roger Waters: “The Israeli Lobby and its supporters in certain factions of Keir Starmer’s “Blairite” apology for a Labour Party, use of false accusations of anti semitism, as its only defense of Israel’s illegal, racist, apartheid policies. That would be laughable were it not so insidious and effective. David Miller, like many other good men and women, who Keir Starmer has purged from the Labour Party, are the life blood of a real labour movement that believes in human rights, a party that must be free from censorship and foreign influence. Support David Miller and the rest of the good and true – the Labour movement depends on it”
Jonathan Cook, British-Israeli journalist and writer: “The Israel lobby has made a test case of Prof David Miller. They hope to send a chilling message to other academics that there will be a heavy price to pay for anyone who tries to scrutinise their efforts to stifle debate about Israel. If they win, all of us who value a free, informed society will be the losers.”
Professor Moshe Machover, founder of the socialist Matzpen organisation in Israel, said: “David Miller has been targeted by the British establishment and the Zionist lobby, as part of the ongoing campaign designed to stifle all opposition to the Zionist colonisation project and Israeli settler state. He should be defended by all those who value freedom of speech,and in particular academic freedom.”
Alexei Sayle: “A healthy society is one where people can speak the truth even about uncomfortable subjects. No-one should lose their job for telling the truth. I want to express my support for and solidarity with David Miller.”
Chris Williamson, former Labour MP, is also supporting Professor Miller: “David Miller is an esteemed academic who has made an invaluable contribution in highlighting Islamophobia, critiquing Zionist ideology and explaining the interrelationship between state and corporate power.”

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