Charter for Labour Party members’ rights

Labour Party members must have the right…

  • … to free speech and to freely discuss, in meetings and online, all issues that concern them and the working class, including disciplinary actions taken against their fellow members (especially when details about those cases have been leaked to the press).

  • …to criticise openly and without fear of censorship or disciplinary measures the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people by the state of Israel.

  • … to campaign to overturn the Labour Party’s commitment to the fake definition of antisemitism, which conflates anti-Zionism with antisemitism.

  • …to question if the Labour Party really ever had a massive problem with antisemitism, without being charged and suspended for antisemitism. This charge of ‘denialism’ seems to have been lifted straight out of the armour of the Salem witch-hunters: drown if you’re innocent; get burned if you’re guilty. 
  • …not to be suspended while standing in an election, especially when this is the beginning of an investigation against them and they have not been given any details of their accuser/s or even what they have been accused of. The principle ‘innocent until proven guilty’ must always apply.

  • … not to be thrown out of the party as part of the ‘fast track expulsion’ process agreed by the NEC in 2019, which lacks fairness and natural justice.
  • … to associate freely with former members who have been unjustly expelled from the party (in contradiction to the demands in the Board of Deputies’ so-called 10 Pledges, which members must be allowed to reject).
  • … to be investigated and judged by a jury of their Labour Party peers and to reject the involvement of the so-called Antisemitism Advisory Panel in their disciplinary case, which is made up of right-wingers and self-declared Zionists, many of whom are utterly hostile to the Labour Party.

  • …to expect the full and active solidarity of their fellow members, especially over unjustified and very harmful charges of antisemitism.