Our campaigning priorities

We campaign against the IHRA misdefinition
of antisemitism

We defend the right to free speech and publication

We fight for a culture of debate in the Labour movement

We call on all democratic and progressive forces to join us in opposing the current attacks on free speech and to campaign to:

  • Defend the right to free speech and publication. 
  • Reject the IHRA so-called definition of antisemitism, whose sole use has been to chill free speech on Israel/Palestine. 
  • End the antisemitism smear campaign conducted against Jeremy Corbyn and the left, which has spread into wider society.
  • Oppose the threat of defunding of universities if they do not adopt IHRA and the targeting of academics who speak out on Israel/Palestine.
  • Stop the labelling of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign (BDS) as ‘antisemitic’.
  • Oppose the interference of the state in the running of political parties.
  • End the Prevent programme.
  • Stop the prosecution of whistleblowers and journalists.

Also check out our Charter for Free Speech.

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