We will not be silenced! March 31: National day of action to defend academic freedom and free speech! Defend David Miller!

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The right to free speech and the right to protest are coming under increasingly brutal attack. Professor David Miller’s job at Bristol University is at stake, because he dared to speak out on Zionism. This is an important test case – should he be sacked, this will result in even more attacks on academic freedom.

Organisations in support include Jewish Voice for Labour, Labour Campaign for Free Speech, Labour Left Alliance, Labour in Exile Network, Support David Miller Campaign, Labour Representation Committee, Labour International Left Alliance, Bristol and West Labour Left Alliance and a number of local left groups.

The government is already threatening to defund universities who do not adopt the IHRA mis-definition of antisemitism, which even its author Kenneth Stern has described as having been abused to “chill free speech”.

The proposed policing bill would make it illegal to cause “serious annoyance” – with punishment of up to 10 years in jail. Worse than that, the law is to be applied even if “somebody is put at risk” of so-called “serious harm” (like ‘annoying’ somebody) – ie, if no action has taken place. The bill would make it an offence if just one person complains about feeling “serious distress…annoyance…[or even] inconvenience”.

Wednesday March 31
2pm: Lobby outside Wills Memorial Building, Bristol University, Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1QE

One thought on “We will not be silenced! March 31: National day of action to defend academic freedom and free speech! Defend David Miller!”

  1. The right to freedom of speech in our universities has come under increasing attack in recent years, from within and beyond the UK political establishment. This is having a severe impact on our core principles of academic freedom. Our universities should be welcoming the kind of interventions that David Miller has made, and the suggestion that he could be sacked for daring to speak out on a sensitive topic is reminiscent of the Chinese authorities’ recent sanctioning of individuals, including an academic, for openly criticising China’s policies in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The aggressive restrictions of academic freedom in our universities is one dimension of the encroaching authoritarianism of the UK’s political system. They have to be called out.

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