June 6, 5pm: Palestine/Israel and academic freedom

In a number of universities, academics and staff are under threat of suspension for daring to speak out on Israel and Zionism, for example Bristol Professor David Miller. In addition, the government is threatening to defund universities who do not impose IHRA. Join us to discuss how to fight back.

Speakers include: 

– Norman Finkelstein
– Salma Yaqoob
– Deepa Driver
– Moshe Machover
– Saladin Meckled-Garcia
– Ilan Pappe
– Tom Hickey (BRICUP)

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One thought on “June 6, 5pm: Palestine/Israel and academic freedom”

  1. Double standards are rife in this issue.
    In Hong Kong the the protesters are considered heroes for resisting Chinese oppression.
    In Palestine a child is considered a terrorist for throwing a stone, no matter how much he and his family have suffered.

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