Free Speech Commemoration Quilt

As agreed at our founding conference, a working group is now taking forward this project – here is an outline of their work:

Are you seeing red at the moment? You’re not alone! So – come and get creative with See Red Sew Loud! Join us to create a digital commemorative quilt –  then sew it for real!

What this quilt does

  • Brings all the resistance together in one virtual pictorial space 
  • Gives creative expression to our anger  – we can even have fun!
  • Shares feelings and experiences  so as to reduce isolation and fear
  • Creates a permanent memorial of a historic injustice 

Why a quilt?

Our quilt draws on centuries of tradition of protest and commemorative textiles. In  war zones these have come to be known as conflict textiles. 

Everyone knows about the Aids Memorial Quilt – this is similar  

I’m in! What next?

Email us at for further information

Who we are

The project is an initiative from South West Wiltshire CLP.  We needed something creative to deal with the anger we have, and to improve our mental health!

We aim to showcase the quilt at the Labour Party Conference 2021 in Brightone where we will also run more quilting workshops to build the project. 

Quilt instructions

1. Background fabric

Fabric comes in 90cm, 115cm or 140cm width (old money 36” 45” 54”)

  • Red material as background or borders – suggest cotton weight 110gsm (polycotton) or 128gsm (cotton)
  • Cut out a 60 cm (24”square) to allow for seams (2cm) ie finished size 58cm (23”) square

Cost should not be a problem. You can use existing fabrics eg a red skirt or shirt or t-shirt

You can dye old sheets red. Contact us if you need fabric.

2. Design

Please try and feature something about the locality eg. Brighton Pavilion, harbour at Hartlepool. Liver birds for Liverpool. 

Make sure you have the name of your CLP or group prominent.

Think about the message you want to send and what you want to memorialise.

It may be a particular local event that stands out in the chronology of suppression of democracy eg. The Bristol South West zoom CLP meeting; the Hartlepool election crisis.

Or it may commemorate the experiences of your local members or CLP as a whole.

How to do it:

  • Stencil, transfer, drawing, applique, embroidery – anything you like!
  • You can also print designs directly onto fabric, 
  • or we can organise this for you if you get in touch
  • You can write onto fabric and then stitch (which is what I did for the Westbury White Horse panel)

3. Please get in touch when you have finished your panel, and we will tell you where to send it.


Our guidelines are as you would expect – relating to abuse (anger and strong language is fine!), human rights and equality and diversity legislation. We may come back to you for clarification or further comment.

Data protection

We will not share your email or personal details with anyone else.


Please contribute an image to the digital quilt.

The digital quilt is made up of square panels of images that you send in.

The images can be…. photos, words, quotes, logos, images of documents, artwork, photos of something you have made- anything you like that represents or reflects what is happening and your response to it.

  • RED needs to feature prominently as a colour in the image you send – background, border or text colour
  • Add a caption if you wish for interest and explanation
  • The name of your organisation or CLP should be on the image. If you prefer to remain anonymous, that is fine, but we would like to commemorate the names of resisters as far as is possible, so please identify yourselves if you can. We will not post names of individuals unless you put it on your image.
  • The story – please send an accompanying word file -or email text – that describes the background to your image – what happened to you, date, place, names of those involved (if appropriate and you have their consent.) why you chose this image and who created it.

Please send to, with SRSL IMAGE in the subject line.

For example, see:

For ideas on easy making of panels (in the context of banners) see

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